WS2017 January 2017 News Update

29 January 2017

In a little over 6 months we will be gathering at Ardingly for what promises to be a FANTASTIC WS2017 camp.

The Core Team are working hard planning activities, arranging entertainments, ordering camp merchandise, booking marquees, equipment and, of course, toilets!

Numbers for the camp are VERY healthy…..remember that the absolute deadline for adjustments to numbers is 30th April but if numbers continue to rise at the current rate, it is possible that we will reach our maximum number prior to that.

We have had amazing interest from our International friends and currently have groups or leaders attending from 25 different countries.


There will be 5 sub-camps at WS2017

Sub-Camp Leaders T-shirt colour
Dumbledore’s Army Christine MacCourt and Peter Few Grey
Gryffindor Lee Murphy and Paul Cooper Maroon
Hufflepuff Ellie Joice and Rob Marsh Yellow
Ravenclaw Sarah Kelly and Neil Laws Blue
Slytherin Tina Lukins and Tony Tunnell Green


The next payments are due by 28th February.   At that time £120 should have been paid for each young person and £40 for each leader.   The 2nd Booking Form will be on the WS2017 website by 1st February – please download and submit this with your payment.    When your form and payment is acknowledged we will tell you which sub-camp you’re in.    Sub-camp leaders will start communicating with you in early March and at that time we will start collecting details for camp T-shirts and ID badges.   Full details will be circulated telling you exactly what is required.

Dates are now critical……we have deadlines to meet for T-shirt orders and IDs so that we can have these ready for you.  So PLEASE help us by adhering to the dates we set for the return of information.

WS2017 Camp Staff – We still have vacancies for volunteer staff to support the Activities Team and Site Services.   No particular skills are required (though we are always delighted when people come forward with relevant expertise) – just enthusiasm, a willingness to work hard as part of a team and a desire to have fun!      Please encourage any leaders you know to apply – the camp staff application form is on the WS2017 website.