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12 March 2017

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all West Sussex Groups

It’s GREAT news – WS2017 has attracted more participants than any previous WS camp.   As a result of this we are now having to bring forward the CLOSING DATE for West Sussex participants to 31st MARCH.

What does this mean exactly?

Must our group’s payments be up to date?
Yes, all groups must have confirmed their numbers and have made the required payment of £120 per participants and £40 per leader by 31st March.

Can I still add members to our group booking?
Yes – until 31st March you can add numbers to your booking.   Just contact Rosie on   After that no further additions can be made.

What happens if we want to cancel a booking?
You can cancel a booking without penalty until 30th April.    After that you will need to apply for a Refund Application form (see FAQ on website for further details).

If someone drops out, can we replace them with someone else?
Yes, that’s fine so long as it is like for like ie: participant for participant or leader for leader.

What about our International Link?
This change does not affect the international groups.   Their payments are agreed on an individual basis as they may be affected by a variety of factors such as travels arrangements and exchange rates.


Due to a clash of dates at Ardingly Showground, the date of our Leaders’ Site Visit has been changed to THURSDAY 22nd JUNE

T-SHIRT ORDERS are now being collated – please make sure you have sent the order form for your group to your sub-camp leader by 9th April at the latest

Sub-Camp colours are:

Dumbledore’s Army – Graphite Grey
Gryffindor – Burgandy
Hufflepuff – Sunflower Yellow
Ravenclaw – Navy Blue
Slytherin – Kelly GreenThere has been a slight delay with the web-link for ordering additional WS2017 clothing but it should be ‘live’ later this month.
POWER SUPPLIES for Medical Reasons
Our Site Services team have received several requests for special arrangements and/or power supply for campers with special equiment necessary to support their health needs.  Whilst we will do all we can to support anyone with additional needs attending the camp, our resources are limited particularly with regard to the availablity of power.
Before requesting assistance would you please consider how you would manage these needs at any other scout/guide camp and whether it is possible to apply these solutions to WS2017.
If you do need additional assistance, please contact Site Services using and copying in your sub-camp leaders.
PHOTOS for ID badges
Thank you to those of you who have already started to upload your group’s photos ready for the ID badges.
A PLEA….please take a set of head and shoulder photos of your members (perhaps at a group meeting).    These work SO much better than a hotch potch of cropped photos gathered from various sources.    Whilst I love to see some of the crazy Christmas parties, holiday snaps etc, they really do not turn into good ID badges!

Please see the website – front page CAMP NEWS – for important information about camping arrangements –