Message from the WS2017 Activity Team

12 June 2017

Some activities will require specific clothing, please ensure your kit list includes long sleeve tops trousers
(for water activities) swimming costume, old t-shirt, towel, old trainers or beach shoes
Blacksmithing (over 14’s only)  – long trousers and long sleeve top (preferably cotton, NO NYLON), hiking boots / stout shoes
Segway activity will have a weight restriction, please obtain the weight of your young people so when asked they can conform & not be disappointed when turned away. Confirmation of the weight will be notified soon.
Please note all activities are subject to availability and parental permission (where applicable).
It’s all about managing young peoples expectations. It will be impossible for them to do every activity due to time & some will be more popular than others so they may have to queue with no guarantees.