The Opening Ceremony

7 August 2017

Diagon Alley was host to a spectacle last night as the Hogwarts Express steamed
past the 3,500 witches and wizards from around the world who have made Ardingly
their home for the week. The Scout and Guide Associations from 22 countries
were represented as Scouts and Guides from West Sussex warmly welcomed them
all. The big event began with the formation of the camp badge, Miss Ivana Ivona
Wodjanikyamadgikov, the school administrator of Hogwarts, then took a register,
which went smoothly despite a brief interruption caused by a dancing charm being
accidentally cast! Dumbldore and Professer McGonagall, the camp chiefs rode in
by train to officially open the Camp. DJ Nev got the party started then top local
talent Phoenix serenaded the crowds until late into the evening. The camp chiefs
were hoping it to be spectacular, exciting, and unique and surely weren’t
disappointed! Many were involved until the early hours of the morning doing the
dress rehearsal and preparing the whole camp in occasionally challenging weather!
The Camp Chiefs encouraged us all to have fun this week, to work together and to
build new relationships. For this truly is the Scouting and Guiding ethos.

Our reporter Michael Hellyer was able to land an exclusive interview with WS
2017’s new Camp Chiefs, David and Debbie Philips before camp opened, they
were looking forward to the prospect of a great week full of enjoyment and

However, the journey doesn’t start today, it started almost two and a half years ago.
The former deputy camp chiefs from WS 2013, were surprised to be offered the
top jobs this time around, but they both accepted the enormous challenge, saying
that it was the biggest of their scouting and guiding career. The theme of WS
2017 is Harry Potter and everyone is hoping for magic spells across the week,
whether that’s the weather or the fantastic performances on the main stage over
the coming days.

The Camp Chiefs would like to thank the various volunteers who have helped over
the last few days, weeks, and months. From Site Services to the Core Team. Many
of the sub-camp members and core team have been here since Tuesday and have
been working hard come rain or sunshine, and that’s down to the quintessential
spirit of scouting and guiding.