Scouts and Guides Own

8 August 2017

Reverend Trevor Marshall lead the interactive and humorous service, and he reminded
the congregation how the uniform plays an important role in expectations. How through
skills, scouting and guiding had taught them that scouts and guides from every country
being represented at WS 2017 had saved someone’s life. How as scouts and guides, we
should take opportunities to work on things which make us uncomfortable, and to do our
best. WS offers an opportunity to expand our boundaries and build new relationships and
experiences. We should all be there to listen to each other, to care about each and look
out for each other, and make a difference in the world. All the participants then created a
Snitch, using foam balls, feathers, a label with your name, unit and sub-camp, which was
then attached to the Snitch before all 3000 soared into the sky.

The aim was to find a Snitch which was a different colour and to find that person over the week. Let’s hope for
more of the community atmosphere we are getting so far at WS 2017. We have only seen
the tip of the iceberg of this week and there is still more to come! So get out there, seize
every opportunity this week to try something new and make new friends.
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