10 Mar 2017

This is the document that we have issued in relation Site Services giving you some early information for Group Leaders. Please read as it may answer some of the questions you have as well as those in the FAQ Please click on this link :-  WS 2017 – Site Service Information v4

8 Oct 2016
17 Jul 2016

After having a recent meeting with the Sub Camp Leaders they have decided that the Sub Camps will adopt House names from the Harry Potter Theme of  “Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin & Hufflepuff.” It was decided that the 5th Sub Camp name for the Senior Section will come from suggestions from the young people themselves via the website followed by a public vote on the selected suggestions.
Activities Sub Camp & the Camp Challenge badge name will also follow the same procedure.
The Camp Centre will incorporate shop names from Diagon Alley & Hogsmead with …

12 Feb 2016

We are looking to encourage every Group attending WS2017 to get a link with an International group. If your struggling for ideas how to find one, look under the International page on our website or contact the International Team for advice they are here to help you.
Good luck let’s try & achieve every group having a link no matter how big or small.