Finding an International Link

Are you looking for an International link for WS2017?

Meeting with other Guides and Scouts from around the world is one of the highlights of an international camp, and some of these contacts can last a lifetime.

Finding a partner group.

A partner group can be found through a variety of sources both within Scouting and Girlguiding and through other means. Below are a few examples:

  • Making contacts at International events and keeping in touch.
  • Do any of your young members have friends/family abroad?
  • Using twin town connections. Your local council/library may be able to help you, see this page for lists of towns twinned with West Sussex towns.
  • Does your local school have an exchange programme? This might be something you could share!
  • Contacting external organisations such as youth organisations, local churches ‘Googling’ / ‘surfing’ often finds information!
  • What about looking out for scouts & guides if you are on a foreign holiday?

Members of Scouting might try looking at

Members of Girlguiding might try looking at

Finally please don’t be put off by the possible need to provide Home Hospitality – this doesn’t have to be part of the package, our international guests can ‘do their own thing’, they can stay in Scout / Guide halls – of course if you do wish to provide hospitality, the Team will give you guidance on regulations etc.

Need help?

If you need help, please contact your international team here.